Young Hitler

Young Hitler

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hitler's Adulthood

      He was convinced that it was a Jewish professor that had rejected his art work; he became convinced that a Jewish doctor had been responsible for his mother’s death; he cleared the snow-bound paths of beautiful town houses in Vienna where rich people lived and he became convinced that only Jews lived in these homes. By 1910, his mind had become warped and his hatred of the Jews - known as anti-Semitism - had become set.
      Hitler called his five years in Vienna "five years of hardship and misery". In his book called "Mein Kampf", Hitler made it clear that his time in Vienna was entirely the fault of the Jews -"I began to hate them".
      Hitler later became the leader of the Nazi party. Poisoning millions of innocent minds, he led almost all of Germany to believe Jews were at the fault of everything that had been happening. He starting taking Jews from countries all over Europe and transferring them to concentration camps where they were worked to death. This all but started the Holocaust. Tens of millions of Jews were killed in a time span of less than 10 years.

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